Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lemonade Stand

Yesterday Alex and our sitter's eleven-year-old twins, Jazzy and Lizzy, made a lemonade stand. They were open for about six hours! There was no stopping this group, and the girl next door, Bessie, also got involved. They paid her $2 and gave her cookies for her efforts.

Taking a cue from the kids upstairs who have run a number of lemonade stands, they got this small bike out of the backyard and affixed an advertisement to the back. Then one of them rode the bike up and down the block, letting everyone know that fresh lemonade and cookies were for sale. They also posted signs.

They sold more than lemonade and cookies. As the nice sign on the stand told customers:

lemonade - 50 cents
ice - 1 cent
cookies - 75 cents
water - free

Unfortunately, most of the ice melted, so that wasn't a big money-maker. That Alex ate about six cookies may have also put a small dent in profits.

When I got home at 4, they had run out of the chocolate chip cookies and so were selling rice cakes and several different kinds of cookies found in the kitchen. Apparently the rice cakes sold well.

Today Alex wanted to run another business. When I told him that I thought it might be hard to get customers for a second day, he said, "But stores are open for more than one day." When I left the house, he was talking to one of the twins about putting together a puppet show. Of course, the plan was to sell tickets to the show to everyone in the neighborhood.

The kids are going to decide on an organization where they can donate the lemonade stand profits, which were over $50.

It will be interesting to see what they have produced or sold by the time I get home today.

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Martha said...

That's not a business, that's a fund-raiser!