Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Beginning

I have been thinking about creating a blog for some time, and in two minutes, I did it. The title of the blog, Details Detailed, attempts to get at what this blog will mostly be about... all of the information in my head that I am sure someone somewhere might benefit from having. What I am also hoping will happen is that something I post will generate a discussion among readers (if there are any), and what will ensue is a great exchange of information and ideas.

At the heart of the blog's mission is the following: I often come across some fabulous article, wonderful book, new recipe, great gift, inspiring story, etc., and I think to myself... I really need to share this with so-and-so and then proceed to put the article or story or whatever it is in this big stack on my desk and let it sit there for weeks if not months. Now that's over. Now I will put whatever it is on my blog and then anyone who reads Details Detailed can enjoy the article, book, etc. or NOT. That's the beauty. You want it, it's yours; you don't want it, move on to someone else's blog or perhaps even an old fashioned newspaper, where you can get newsprint all over your hands. This blog will, of course, never replace that.

Now I just have to come up with the first thing to share... the details to detail...

More soon.


Steve said...

Well done, Susan ... you may discover that your writing on your blog leads to some lucrative job in the future ... stranger things have happened ... another candidate is coming tomorrow .. I wonder if Jonathan will say to me "hey Steve ... this guy does not know Susan Fine" or "hey Steve .. this guy does not know Matthew Horvat" ... Steve

liz. said...

There's nothing quite like finally putting down in print all those wonderful ideas you've been batting around for years! I'm so thrilled you've taken the blog-plunge and can start annotating all that you come across in your day to day because I love reading your writing. Be sure to include a variety of lists, all those wonderful project and business ideas that you've been cooking up (as I need some new ones to consider), and of course, humorous anecdotes about the boys! Sigh, another internet guilty-pleasure. I did have this moment while reading your blog that maybe the blog is the next generation's version of cutting out newspaper articles and sending them to our kids, but with editorializing, but thinking, maybe that's inevitable. And a good thing.

Margaret said...

Three cheers for you. As family and friends know, there is nothing like a Susan Fine story. Funny. Creative. True to the heart. I know because I am her sister and I lived with Susan for over 17 years. At times, Susan has made me laugh more than I have ever laughed before. (I have also been the butt of her comical jokes.) Most of all, I have faith that Susan will share many more hilarious stories with us on her blog. Congratulations! I love you, Margaret